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Creating a visual identity at the crossroads of independent artists and music production.

Magma Studio
Slimdog Records

Pablo Hassmann

Pablo Hassmann

Marcos Meza

Miguel Batista
Pablo Hassmann

Very few creatives have the chance and the challenge to collaborate with newborn projects. Magma Studio met the Slimdog Project team when they were beginning in the winter of 2018/2019, when the idea to produce interviews and live sessions with independent musicians was about to emerge. The collaboration with the music studio located at the edge of a small town in Brandenburg, Germany, is an ongoing process open to experimentation and a constant search of meaningful images.

Involved in the impressive architecture and environment, we developed through means of photography, different sets suited to each guest. February 2019 was the debut of the first live performance that initiated the Slimdog Sessions, there  we photographed artists from different backgrounds while providing media coverage with in-depth interviews for the YouTube Channel.

Through ongoing life-recordings and interviews, the viewers have a chance to enjoy the music while having exclusive insides into the artists’ world. The videos and stills are at disposal for slimdog production and the videos are uploaded to their YouTube account, growing constantly in content and followers.

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