Musical, Backdrops &
Photo Documentary


Rio Reiser musical - Integrating visual narratives into a play

Magma Studio
Frank Leo Schröder

Leonard Leesch
Brian Karp

Leonard Leesch

We were approached by The Komödie am Ku'Damm to produce video sequences for their Rio Reiser Musical which was to be performed at the Schiller Theater in 2019. The task was to produce short and concise stories for the intermediate parts. We developed storyboards for the texts, did location scouting and realized the shootings with the performing artists of the play. The production included drone flights, underwater shots and gimbal rides. Twelve videos were integrated into their stage design and were shown daily during the 2 months of the show.

The performance was a great success, especially among Rio Reiser fans, who saw their idol come back to life with the well-known songs of Ton, Steine Scherben and Rios life story, staged by Frank-Leo Schröder.

Additionally Magmastudio staff photographer Leonard Leesch produced a side stage photo documentation during the premiere. The pictures were made available to the Komödie am Ku’Damm for the social media promotion of the play.

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