Live-Streaming &
Video On-Demand


A hybrid theater performance

Live-Streaming Production
Magma Studio

Performance and
Çağlar Yiğitoğulları, Johannes Storks, Juliana Oliveira, Lisa Heinrici & Richard Gonlag

Concept,Text & Directing
Bastian Sistig

Direction Assistance
Kim-Manuel Walz

Concept & Dramaturgy
Hanna Steinmair

Marie Gimpel

Josephine Hans

Mobile Camera
Jonas Fischer

Burgundt Brandt

Florian Fink

Julia Klinkert


How to Cry by Bastian Sistig is a sensitive piece about masculinity, leading in a show-like manner through productive ways for old white men to engage in crying and opening up the possibility for tender vulnerability.

HTC is a complex theater performance with interactive elements engaging both off-and online audiences. Through live overlay graphics, spectators are asked to share their opinions via email or call a cab for the actors. Next to three stage cameras there is also one handheld camera occasionally leaving the stage together with the actors, opening up the stage to the corridor, dressing room, rest room, court yard and even a cab drive through Berlin and thereby making the screen Projection an integral part of the aesthetics of the piece. Also, elements of the stage design served as a green screen that could be potentially keyed and projected while being live-streamed adding another level of storytelling possibilities and complexity to the performance. Magmastudio successfully realized the live streaming with all its intricate challenges.

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