Workshop, Backdrop,
Documentary &
Social Media

Wanderlust - a project by Junge Deutsche Oper Berlin

Shaping the creative mind of new generations of teenagers...

Junge Deutsche Oper
Magma Studio

Cinematography & Editing
Leonard Leesch

Social Media
Lara Wentz and Leonard Leesch

Evelyn Saylor, Felicity Mangan

Elisa Aseva, Kuku Schrapnell

architecture-workshops/city walks
Licia Soldavini, Mascha Fehse [Constructlab]

idea and concept
Evi Nakou, Katja Wischniewski

The aim of this project was not to achieve results at any cost, but to help sow the first seeds of a connection to the medium of music.

Firstly Magmastudio documented the entire two-week workshop. Magma provided backdrop footage that was integrated into the stage design. As a result of the filming, a 12-minute documentary of the creative process from the perspective of the participants was created by Leonard Leesch. For the distribution of the film, 6 social media snippets and various screenshot material from the entire film footage were provided.

The documentary is currently available on the Deutsche Oper Berlin YouTube channel. The workshop was funded by the „Federal Ministry of Education and Research“ and „Kultur Macht Stark“.

12min-documentary about “Wanderlust”. 

Social Media project trailer “Wanderlust”.

Backdrop atrium for performance “Wanderlust” 

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