On-site Public Art
Social Media &

FUTUREPERFECTLAND,  new art festival from Berlin

On promoting & documenting an open air funfair for speculative realities.

Magma Studio

Cinematography & Editing
Pablo Hassmann

Pablo Hassmann
Christian Demarco
Inti Gallardo

Social Media Pablo Hassmann
Dominica Ortiz

FuturePerfectLand is an open air funfair for speculative realities. A former distillery in Reinickendorf is transformed into a haptic, affective and performative fairground, set against the backdrop of industrial brick buildings overtaken by wild greenery. The site-specific, immersive, participatory and transdisciplinary environments submerge you in a liminal world on the border between reality and fiction through audio, visual, performative, narrative and/or somatic strategies.

Magma Studio worked alongside the Curatorial Collective for Public Art for months prior to the event to create the promotional banner and design the visual and written content for social media content production. Magma Studio's work consisted in the production of images and in the design and the management of the social media. The transversal work allowed a centralized, agile and effective communication between the event producers and Magma Studio, which resulted in a high impact on social networks and in the projection of the brand's style throughout the different phases of the event.

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