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Managing a festival online

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Online Festival 
Brian Karp
Leonard Leesch
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Leonard Leesch
Brian Karp

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Leonard Leesch

Social Media
Leonard Leesch

We were in charge of the entire online festival program of AFRIKAMERA_2020 with special events and Q&As. In addition to the design and file management we were also responsible for the social media communication including the development of a visual identity.

In 2020, the AFRIKAMERA team was faced with the decision to either cancel the film festival or to set up an online version within a short period of time. Due to Covid-19, the venues were closed and the filmmakers were not allowed to enter the country. Our task was to manage the entire festival program including special events and roundtables on Vimeo. In close cooperation with the PR team of Afrikamera we created various posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram and designed a graphic campaign to promote the festival content. In addition we conducted 14 livestreams of Q & A's with filmmakers during the festival, as well as two panel discussions with film presentations in the form of webinars. The festival was thus saved.

Since the African filmmakers could not be present for a physical event, Magma also created short pre-recorded salutation statements to get to know the directors of the films that were featured during the festival. 

In order to provide a visual continuity to the audience, we have again placed statements of the filmmakers into a graphic campaign. This feature was already widely appreciated in the last edition when it served as an online promotion of the movies.

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