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A festival in honor of the great composer Iannis Xenakis

Video, Photo production and Social Media

Festival production
ensemble unitedberlin


Arturo Tamayo, Vladimir Jurowski, Roland Hayrabedian

Nicola Mascia, Jan Razima, Elia Lopez, Jaan Männima,
Yi-Chi Lee, Yechan Kim, Roman Varava 

Jiří Bartovanec

Scenic direction
Anisha Bondy

Space concept
Anne Hölzinger

Costume Jindrich Bartovanec Havlik

For Iannis Xenakis' 100th birthday, emsemble unitedberlin 2022 is organising a Xenakis Festival in the beautiful Elisabethkirche in the center of Berlin. The abstract ballet - Kranerg choreographed by Jiří Bartovanec, a birthday concert with conductor Vladimir Jurowski and the music theatre Oresteia will be performed over 3 days.

Magmastudio produces 5 social media films for the promotion of the festival on Instagram and Facebook and advises the team on visual approaches for their newly founded Instagram channel. In addition, Magmastudio provides photos of the rehearsals.

Magmastudio extensively films all 3 shows and aditional Interviews that are performed during the festival.  A trailer, a short film version and a complete documentation with 5 cameras is being produced. All films are made available for the promotion for following concert events.

Trailer “Kraanerg”


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