Music Video

POLISFERA - Mother’s place

Music Composition
Polina Borissova, Nicolas Schulze

Yun Huang, Polina Borissova

Production & Mix
Johannes Weisgerber

Bernhard Range

Video. Direction, Screenplay & Choreography Martha Kröger

Production & co-direction Polina Borissova

Concept, Mask & Performance
Polina Borissova , Martha Kröger

Camera, Editing & 
Color Grading

Brian Karp

Gimbal and Drone shots
Leon Leesch 

Production management
Blake Paul Kendall

Sebastián Rodríguez De Castro

Production Assistance
Bruno Martín, Ye Eun Manse Kim

Graphic Design

Kristina Popila

Supported by BV-Pop, Neustart Kultur and BKM

The artist Polina Borissova has released her first single "Mothersplace" as Polisfera.
Polina works mainly as a professional clown in hospitals and crisis areas with the Red Noses, where she accompanies people in extreme situations. Music and humour serve her as a universal therapeutic form of communication. But Polisfera also touches people's hearts as a singer, composer and performer. She herself accompanies her singing with loop station, ukulele, guitar, kalima and piano. We at MAGMA had the great emotional responsibility and privilege to produce the music video for Mothersplace and help establish Polisfera's visual identity and concept for the whole album. Together with performer Martha Kroeger (direction and choreography) and Polina Borissova herself, we developed the script. The visual language was meant to convey the musical expanse, the metaphorical depth, the closeness to nature and the touching sensitivity of the music. At -10 degrees in December 2022, we had two fun and exciting days to create the relevant images with a wonderful small team.

Special thanks to Rechenzentrum Potsdam, T-Werk Potsdam and thanks to Anne Schulz for the equipment that kept us alive in that cold. And a very special thanks to the weather gods, that gave us this sunny-wonderland during the shooting days.

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