The Magma Studio is an inspiring place, located centrally in Berlin Friedrichshain and available for co-production. Here we help you to develope, produce and shoot your ideas.   

The Studio Space

The studio can be transformed to green screen, blue, black, white and more. Surface lights for background illumination and trussing are installed. We have a speaker booth for professional audio recording and an inhouse editing-room. The studio has a ground level access and a separate lounge, kitchen and make-up room.

Additional equipment and services can be booked here.

Our Studio Services

  • DOP and Camera Assistance 
  • Sound Operator and Sound Assistance
  • Editor and Live-Editor
  • Live Streaming
  • Portraits
  • Product Photography
  • Making-of Video and Photography
  • Set Runner, Catering and Make-up.
  • Social Media coverage

Additional equipment

  • 4K Sony Cameras
  • Microphones :
    Schoeps cmc641, DPA4017b, MKH416, Tram50, DPA 4060 ect...
  • Audio Recorders (Sound Devices)
  • Additional Lights and Grip
  • Teleprompter
  • Live Streaming Setup

+49-176 99 007 338